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I’m finally getting around to finishing a project on the site that I started long, long ago. Adding submitted photos to the various gallery pages has always been a real chore because I have to do everything manually from resizing the images to hand-coding the pages to display the images. This is why I’m always so far behind. Well, that has just changed…

Today I put a new section of the site online. It’s the new and greatly improved M.G. Nuts Image Gallery! This is not just an image gallery, it is a database of images that are searchable by category or keyword. Want to see historical photos of C-Type M.G.s? No problem, just enter C-Type into the search box!

The majority of the photo pages on the site are being moved into the new gallery – a task which will hopefully be completed very soon. For now, ignore missing content but please report any bugs (things that don’t work correctly) in the gallery by sending me an email. There are still hundreds of newly-submitted images to be added to the various sections of the gallery, so check back soon!

I’m also looking for knowledgeable individuals to write biographies for various M.G.-related persons, for use in the gallery. If you can help with this project, please send me a note!

A day has arrived that I never wanted to see. We have sold an M.G. for the first time in nearly 20 years. It was inevitable, and I first started to realize that fact about a year ago. There are simply too many cars in too tight of a space, and the MG YB was the logical choice to go. We loved this car dearly, but it never got out on the road because it was too difficult to get it on and off it’s lift in the garage. We found the YB a good home where it will hopefully be preserved as an original survivor.

The Model T has been doing well but we need a better cover for it since it will live outdoors. It’s first job was to haul its own lumber home to construct some uprights for the bed.

On the mechanical side, I’ve replaced the bands in the transmission with original 1924 pieces, still in their original boxes! The exhaust manifold has been replaced due to an irreparable leak and a few other things have been gone through. With a bit more work I feel it will be ready for just about anything.

Ok, so I’ve been neglecting the site this Summer. Between a lack of time and lack of drive to write code, there have been few updates of late. However there is some news to report.

We’ve added a new car to the stable, and for the first time in a long time it isn’t an M.G. This one is a Ford! To be more precise, it’s a 1925 Model T Ford Roadster pickup. It may not seem to fit in a stable of British cars but I’ve come up with a reason to call it British, at least in spirit. Visit the Model T Pickup page for details!

It’s been a while since the last update but there isn’t too much to report. The MGC GTS recently suffered a ding in a fender, and that snowballed into a complete repaint by an incredibly talented man. The car now sports a glasurit paint job that looks so good that I’m afraid to drive it! I’m sure the nervousness will disapear over time.

I’ve finally started updating the site again. The main page has been redesigned to include more content. The file structure of the site has also changed to make navigation and links easier. New content is also being slowly added to various pages throughout the site. You can see a list of the most recently updated pages on the main page. To everyone who submitted images or content in the past few months, I apologize for the wait!

We recently returned from GoF West in Park City, Utah. It was a great event and an epic adventure getting there and back. View the 5-page, 300+ photo trip report by clicking HERE.

I’ve replaced the old temporary header image with something a little nicer. It’s a digital painting of our TC in the Cascade Mountains that I made from several source photos.

The site has undergone another overhaul, this time bringing it closer to the 21st century. A more major project is in the works but it will be some time before it’s completed. There are still a few sections that are incomplete, so you may notice some formatting and color anomalies. If you find any broken links or images, please let me know!

It’s officially out of control around here. Another M.G. has mysteriously appeared in the driveway. This time it’s something a bit different because it has six cylinders all in a row. We are now the excited new owners of XRX150H, a 1969 MGC GTS! This car is like no other I have driven, with its unique character, incredible handling and gobs of power. Photos and specs are slowly making their way onto the new MGC GTS pages.

Ok, so it’s been a while since the last update. Here’s the latest on the M.G. front…..

The MGB is finally getting its engine sorted out. I decided that after 311,000 miles, the car also deserves a bit of a freshening up. So I’m doing a sort of “front end restoration”. The car will be stripped bare from the firewall forward. The chassis, engine bay and inner fenders will be painted. The suspension and steering will be completely rebuilt. The engine bay and everything in it will be restored also. And to top it all off, I will finally get the overdrive I always wanted since I located a proper D-Type unit. Now the fun part. A supercharger will grace the engine bay.

The MG YB is getting its first major work since we bought it. The fuel tank is out and being restored. It will also get a complete brake job, Jackall system rebuild and a full servicing. New suspension bushings are also on the to do list.

The MGB GT is getting a new axle because I discovered the one on it is bent! It’s hard to believe but true, I’m afriad. New tires, brake lines and suspension bushings will be installed at the same time.

We recently returned from the MGTC / ARR Conclave in Morro Bay, CA. It was a great event and the MG TC performed flawlessly during the several hundred miles of driving over the weekend. A trip report will be posted soon.

There is another reason to hate the people who speed down our little residential street. The latest casualty of these idiots was our beloved cat Wellington. They didn’t even stop to find out who the owner was or to appologize.

Wellington was the most friendly, loving and well behaved cat you could hope for. He will be missed greatly. We take comfort in the fact that he lived a long, healthy and full life. He spent much of his time playing in the garden, chasing small critters and lounging around. I hope whoever was driving that car realizes how much pain they have caused all who knew Wellington, and that they become more responsible behind the wheel.

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