A day has arrived that I never wanted to see. We have sold an M.G. for the first time in nearly 20 years. It was inevitable, and I first started to realize that fact about a year ago. There are simply too many cars in too tight of a space, and the MG YB was the logical choice to go. We loved this car dearly, but it never got out on the road because it was too difficult to get it on and off it’s lift in the garage. We found the YB a good home where it will hopefully be preserved as an original survivor.

The Model T has been doing well but we need a better cover for it since it will live outdoors. It’s first job was to haul its own lumber home to construct some uprights for the bed.

On the mechanical side, I’ve replaced the bands in the transmission with original 1924 pieces, still in their original boxes! The exhaust manifold has been replaced due to an irreparable leak and a few other things have been gone through. With a bit more work I feel it will be ready for just about anything.