The previous owners of this Morris restored it in the 1980’s.  In the mid 90’s it was parked outdoors under a tarp and hadn’t moved for 25 years.  In that time, some rats decided it was a good home for them and took up residence in the engine bay.  We found it covered in unmentionables, rats nests around the engine, and other issues related to rodents.  Fortunately they hadn’t got inside so it would only take a lot of cleaning to get it to where anyone wanted to touch the car.  The engine needed a head job, new rings, carb overhaul, etc.  The fuel tank and lines had to be cleaned, new suspension bushings all around, new tires, fluids and all the other stuff you might expect after a car sat for so long.  The result was worth the effort, as it now does nearly daily duty around town.

General info:
1959 Morris Minor 1000 Convertible
Original color: Light Blue
Current Color: Primrose with tan interior

1098cc 10GG A-Series engine
Twin 1.25″ SU Carburetors
Ribcage Gearbox
Front disc brakes
Polyurethane suspension bushings
Added gauges (Tachometer, Oil PSI / H20 Temp, Ammeter)
Newer front seats with recline mechanism
Flashing Indicators
Totally Awesome 1980’s AM/FM Cassette with motorized antennae