The newest addition to the fleet. So new that there aren’t any photos, info or anything else for you to look at. Just nothing. But there will be something, eventually. Soon. Very soon.

(10 minutes after posting that) Ok, maybe I’ll post a bit of info…

1959 Morris Minor 1000 Convertible
Original color: Light Blue
Current Color: Primrose with tan interior

1098cc 10GG A-Series engine
Twin 1.25″ SU Carburetors
Ribcage Gearbox
Front disc brakes
Polyurethane suspension bushings
Added gauges (Tachometer, Oil PSI / H20 Temp, Ammeter)
Newer seats with recline mechanism
Flashing Indicators
Totally Awesome 1980’s AM/FM Cassette with motorized antennae