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It happened again… again.  The wife dragged two more cars since the last update.  The first was a 1959 Morris Minor which had been a rodent condo for 25 years.  After a lot of work, it’s now beautiful again and driving pretty much daily.  And the second car which came home a few months later (and thankfully isn’t such a big project) is an Austin Healey 3000 Mk III BJ8.  A friend owned this car for the past 45 years and we will now be its next long-term caretakers.

Yes it has been a long time since the site was updated, but things are still plugging along in the new garage.  More progress has been made and can be seen in the Garage Project pages.  And no big surprise here, another old machine will be arriving today.  It’s from the 1940’s and has only three wheels, two of them taller than an M.G.  it’s a 1946 John Deere Model A, complete with the trailer it has been towing for who knows how long.  Another fun project!  Watch for a new page chronicling the process of getting this great old tractor running again.

Now that the new M.G. Nuts Garage is nearing completion, we figured it’s time to begin building a second Garage Project area of the site to chronicle the venture. New sections should begin appearing one by one over the next week or two. On the project itself, the finishing touches are being put on the exterior, and the interior is just getting started. The cars seem happy to be home and safely indoors again.

The new M.G. Nuts garage is nearing completion. Well, the outside part anyway. Only about one month to go and the rest of the cars can come home for good! Meanwhile we are planning the layout and the “look” of the interior. You may remember the sterile interior of the old garage. That isn’t going to happen here. The new garage is simply too big to keep so spotless, and besides that I’m ready for something a bit more homey and relaxed. Suggestions are welcome!

After a year of negotiating with city hall, we started our newest garage build earlier this month. The old garage has been leveled, leaving the cars somewhat homeless. Fortunately we are having an unusually dry year even by California standards, so covers have kept things clean and dry. Some of the cars have found temporary homes in family garages while construction is happening. When the madness subsides, I’ll try to get a new area uploaded to the site detailing the project.

The site passed 150,000 unique hits sometime today. Maybe this will give me some incentive to perform some much needed updates. There are literally hundreds of photo and history submissions waiting to be added to the site. One of these days…

The new MG Nuts garage is officially on paper but unfortunately we haven’t jumped through enough hoops to satisfy the county just yet.  We do expect to break ground in a few weeks though, so stand by for updates.  In the meantime, the 1967 MGB GT has gone through a complete body and paint restoration.  New photos will be posted soon.  The MG TC has also gone through quite a bit of work including a complete engine rebuild, new (lightly used) gearbox and other repairs.  I’m starting to believe the old saying that there isn’t enough time in a day.  The last two engines I’ve rebuilt took many times longer to complete than they should have.  With the back quarter still being landscaped here at the new home, there is little time for tinkering with cars!

The MG Nuts Garage has sold, and the last car was driven out this afternoon. The Model T looked so lonely in that otherwise empty room, scars on the walls from where cabinets and tool chests once sat. The battery refused to turn the engine, almost as if it knew we were leaving for the last time so I was forced to crank start before departing. It was a nice cruise along back roads to finally reach the site of the new garage which unfortunately is not yet built. There, the 86-year-old Ford joined its younger family members who had all been moved on previous days.

The task of building a new work space / garage has begun with a pencil and a computer mouse, and the building process will be documented on this site.  In the meantime many of the the cars will be stashed away in other garages save for the two or three that I have room for here.  Pity, the beautiful shop I once owned will probably become *gasp* a regular garage!

Yes it’s true, the real-life MG Nuts Garage is for sale. If you’re a genuinely interested buyer, send us a a note and we’ll talk. There are several reasons why this deluxe garage with attached house is being sold, but the most important one is that we have secured some land with room for an even bigger one! It’s funny, after spending a year building this garage I found myself saying “I wish I could start all over again and make it even better!” Now that I’m faced with actually going through with it, I find myself saying “I can’t believe I have to build another garage.”

It isn’t the designing or even the building that I’m dreading – that part is fun. It’s being without a proper garage for the next year or more while we construct it! In the end it will be worth the effort, I’m sure. The question I keep getting however is what it will look like. Will it be a larger clone of the one I have, or perhaps a completely different visual style. If you have ideas or opinions on the subject, send them in!

The new, updated site went online yesterday at around 2:45 AM. During the next seven hours while I was passed out, there were 1,300 unique visitors! By that evening it was up to around 2,000! I’m glad so many people showed interest in my efforts with the site. It makes all the late night marathon coding sessions worth it! Some interesting statistics for the computer geeks (like me) in the crowd are:

• On launch day, there were 2,693 visitors.
• 42% of you are running Mozilla / Firefox browsers, and 40% Internet Explorer. 40% of those on IE are using version 6, which is the worst of the bunch from a webmaster’s point of view.
• 88% of visitors are on Windows-based operating systems, and 8% are on Apple products. 3% are techie enough to use Linux.
• Windows XP is the most popular, with 21.5% of users running it. Windows 7 is next most popular at 7% followed by Windows Vista, and then the combined various Apple products at 3%.
• Shockingly, some of you are still using Windows 95! Seriously, it’s time to upgrade. Other ancient operating systems that are surprisingly prevalent are Windows 98, ME, NT and 2000.
• But the worst is that in the past month there were 25 visits by Windows 3.1 systems. This is the electronic equivalent of a person traveling down the freeway with a horse and buggy!

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