The MG Nuts Garage has sold, and the last car was driven out this afternoon. The Model T looked so lonely in that otherwise empty room, scars on the walls from where cabinets and tool chests once sat. The battery refused to turn the engine, almost as if it knew we were leaving for the last time so I was forced to crank start before departing. It was a nice cruise along back roads to finally reach the site of the new garage which unfortunately is not yet built. There, the 86-year-old Ford joined its younger family members who had all been moved on previous days.

The task of building a new work space / garage has begun with a pencil and a computer mouse, and the building process will be documented on this site.  In the meantime many of the the cars will be stashed away in other garages save for the two or three that I have room for here.  Pity, the beautiful shop I once owned will probably become *gasp* a regular garage!