Myles is an African Grey Parrot. He was born in January, 1996. He spends most of his time chewing on things and destroying as many toys as possible. Lucky for us, he doesn’t chew on anything which doesn’t belong to him! We also consider ourselves lucky that he took to his potty training so quickly. I only ruined a couple of shirts in the process.

Myles was a real talker right from the start. He had a vocabulary of over thirty words when he was only six months old. When he gets bored, he usually starts his own pretend telephone conversations complete with ring, greeting, talking, laughing, goodbye and hang-up sound. If he knows you well, he might even say hello using your name when you walk in! If he doesn’t want you around, he will look at you and say “Bye!” until you go away. Or perhaps give you a rasberry. Either way, he is sure to entertain.

Myles' Profile

Favorite color: Red

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite drink: Lemonade

Favorite sound effect: Phone ring

Favorite thing to say: "Stop it!"

Favorite activity: Walking with Linda