Yes it’s true, the real-life MG Nuts Garage is for sale. If you’re a genuinely interested buyer, send us a a note and we’ll talk. There are several reasons why this deluxe garage with attached house is being sold, but the most important one is that we have secured some land with room for an even bigger one! It’s funny, after spending a year building this garage I found myself saying “I wish I could start all over again and make it even better!” Now that I’m faced with actually going through with it, I find myself saying “I can’t believe I have to build another garage.”

It isn’t the designing or even the building that I’m dreading – that part is fun. It’s being without a proper garage for the next year or more while we construct it! In the end it will be worth the effort, I’m sure. The question I keep getting however is what it will look like. Will it be a larger clone of the one I have, or perhaps a completely different visual style. If you have ideas or opinions on the subject, send them in!