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Well, the site was done and ready to go live. All I had to do was move some files and make a database edit to make sure everything would play nice together. This required doing something rather scary – backing up the database and wiping it from the server. Well, there’s a first time for everything and this was the first time the database refused to upload. There was an error somewhere and long story short, the site was gone. Two and a half years wiped from the face of the Earth. Every attempt to fix the problem led to more and bigger issues but in the end I have everything under control, thanks to redundant backups which I was able to use to patch up the offending bits of data. Whew! No, make that a double Whew!

So much for the deadline of May 7. Here it is, 30 minutes before May 8th and I have hours worth of work to do to get this fixed. Considering I’ve been awake now for 19 hours and that I’m running on maybe ten hours of sleep in the past two days, I don’t think I will get the site online tonight. It will be 3AM before I’m done with repairs and then I still have to start over with moving the site to its permanent home. The lesson learned today? Stick to old cars. They’re easier to deal with!

The countdown has begun! The site will go online this Saturday, May 7th. I’ve been cracking down all week, working into the wee hours of the night to get things sorted out and update as much content as possible. There are now 173 pages and over 4,000 photos contained on the site. Needless to say, this would be a seriously daunting task had I realized early on how far I would take the project. Lucky for me, I had little foresight in such matters so the work progressed seemingly under its own steam. I was merely the guy shoveling coal into the fire.

As always, fan contributions make up a large portion of this site so if you have anything you feel is of particular interest, especially historical photographs, please send them in! I may not get submissions added right away, and I’ll admit that I still have dozens that have been waiting for over a year or more, but I will get to them eventually… honest!

What most people don’t know is that I exist in a different state of time than the rest of the universe. Therefore when I said in the previous entry that I would try to get the site online within a month, what I meant was one month in Steve time. Work is progressing again and this time it looks like the site really will go live soon. Do you believe it this time?

I’m nowhere near finished but it’s just about to the point where I can live with it. Several sections will either be disabled or missing a lot of content, namely the Historical Gallery which will have only half of its intended content. All good things come in time I suppose. I just can’t say if it will be Steve time or “the rest of the universe” time.

Little work has been done to the site over the past few months, but I am now cracking down and making some progress (again). I’m hoping to go live with the new site this month but we’ve all heard that one before! There are still hundreds of images to be uploaded and lots of submitted content to sort through, as well as unfinished trip reports, etc. These may have to wait until after the site is up. For now I am working the final bugs out of key areas, including the gallery search function and image processing. The countdown has begun… or has it?

While progress crawls along at a snail’s pace, I have come to realize that I will never catch up with the incoming content, nor will I ever be satisfied that enough has been accomplished on the site to warrant putting it online.  That leaves only two options – put it online soon regardless of its condition or throw it away.  Since there is no way I’m abandoning so much work, I’ve decided to do some clean up work, add what I can of the more significant content and get this thing public.  Stay tuned…

With no room left in the garage or driveway, I find myself occasionally thinking of selling a car to simplify things around here.  Not having the courage to let anything go, I came up with a new plan… buy another one!  When your wife says she wants a 1939 Ford V8 Pickup and there happens to be one for sale nearby at a price you can’t refuse, there is only one course of action.  We took that course and dragged home a new project that will suck up yet more time I don’t have, and more driveway space that doesn’t exist.  Overall we’re thrilled with the new acquisition and early restoration work has been fun.  See photos, and follow the restoration process by clicking HERE.

Some time during January, we hit 100,000 unique visits to the site.  Who would have thunk that our little site would keep people coming back for so many years?  This event has given me renewed inspiration to get the site done but work is still very, very slow and there is a TON of content still waiting to be uploaded.  I will keep at it, but with the new year and the 100K mark come and gone, I no longer have a major goal to aim for so no promises!  Not like the previous two goals did me any good…

The site update started last October is still in progress. This is a huge project, requiring every page of the site to be written again from scratch, Progress is sporadic and slow, but it is progress nonetheless. Updates to the current site are still on hold. Stay tuned…

With the addition of the new image database and a flood of new content being submitted, I have come to realize that hand-coding every page of this site is simply too much work.  In a stroke of half genius, half desperation and half lunacy, I have decided to completely redesign the site in a format which will be not only easier to expand and maintain but will also look better and allow easier navigation.  I’ve spent most of my waking hours working on it over the past couple days and progress has definitely been made, but completion is still a long ways off.

In the meantime, keep the submissions coming and please be patient while I make the necessary upgrades to the site. When completed and online, all previously submitted content will be added.  Wish me luck, and send more coffee!

I’m finally getting around to finishing a project on the site that I started long, long ago. Adding submitted photos to the various gallery pages has always been a real chore because I have to do everything manually from resizing the images to hand-coding the pages to display the images. This is why I’m always so far behind. Well, that has just changed…

Today I put a new section of the site online. It’s the new and greatly improved M.G. Nuts Image Gallery! This is not just an image gallery, it is a database of images that are searchable by category or keyword. Want to see historical photos of C-Type M.G.s? No problem, just enter C-Type into the search box!

The majority of the photo pages on the site are being moved into the new gallery – a task which will hopefully be completed very soon. For now, ignore missing content but please report any bugs (things that don’t work correctly) in the gallery by sending me an email. There are still hundreds of newly-submitted images to be added to the various sections of the gallery, so check back soon!

I’m also looking for knowledgeable individuals to write biographies for various M.G.-related persons, for use in the gallery. If you can help with this project, please send me a note!

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