Welcome to the new and (hopefully) improved M.G. Nuts web site! It has been a massive undertaking to update this site over the past couple years and there is still much to do in the way of housekeeping and content additions. As of now, there are 4,107 images and 174 pages on this site. So please, if you find errors, bugs, typos or any other problem with the site, no matter how small, let me know! Use the contact button in the menu to the left to send a note.

Now for those of you who doubted the new site would ever be finished, well…. I can’t say I blame you. I can’t believe it myself that this thing is finally for real! Hopefully no one was expecting anything that would blow their socks off because that wasn’t the idea behind this project. What I’ve done is modernized the look and function of the site, streamlined the navigation and added (as well as organized) a lot of content. Unfortunately this did require throwing out the old site and literally starting from scratch. If I knew how much work it would truly be and how long it would take to complete, I may have never started the project at all. Whoever said ignorance is bliss never re-wrote a web site! In the end, I believe result has been worth the effort. I hope you do too!