The new, updated site went online yesterday at around 2:45 AM. During the next seven hours while I was passed out, there were 1,300 unique visitors! By that evening it was up to around 2,000! I’m glad so many people showed interest in my efforts with the site. It makes all the late night marathon coding sessions worth it! Some interesting statistics for the computer geeks (like me) in the crowd are:

• On launch day, there were 2,693 visitors.
• 42% of you are running Mozilla / Firefox browsers, and 40% Internet Explorer. 40% of those on IE are using version 6, which is the worst of the bunch from a webmaster’s point of view.
• 88% of visitors are on Windows-based operating systems, and 8% are on Apple products. 3% are techie enough to use Linux.
• Windows XP is the most popular, with 21.5% of users running it. Windows 7 is next most popular at 7% followed by Windows Vista, and then the combined various Apple products at 3%.
• Shockingly, some of you are still using Windows 95! Seriously, it’s time to upgrade. Other ancient operating systems that are surprisingly prevalent are Windows 98, ME, NT and 2000.
• But the worst is that in the past month there were 25 visits by Windows 3.1 systems. This is the electronic equivalent of a person traveling down the freeway with a horse and buggy!