Well, the site was done and ready to go live. All I had to do was move some files and make a database edit to make sure everything would play nice together. This required doing something rather scary – backing up the database and wiping it from the server. Well, there’s a first time for everything and this was the first time the database refused to upload. There was an error somewhere and long story short, the site was gone. Two and a half years wiped from the face of the Earth. Every attempt to fix the problem led to more and bigger issues but in the end I have everything under control, thanks to redundant backups which I was able to use to patch up the offending bits of data. Whew! No, make that a double Whew!

So much for the deadline of May 7. Here it is, 30 minutes before May 8th and I have hours worth of work to do to get this fixed. Considering I’ve been awake now for 19 hours and that I’m running on maybe ten hours of sleep in the past two days, I don’t think I will get the site online tonight. It will be 3AM before I’m done with repairs and then I still have to start over with moving the site to its permanent home. The lesson learned today? Stick to old cars. They’re easier to deal with!