Ok, so it’s been a while since the last update. Here’s the latest on the M.G. front…..

The MGB is finally getting its engine sorted out. I decided that after 311,000 miles, the car also deserves a bit of a freshening up. So I’m doing a sort of “front end restoration”. The car will be stripped bare from the firewall forward. The chassis, engine bay and inner fenders will be painted. The suspension and steering will be completely rebuilt. The engine bay and everything in it will be restored also. And to top it all off, I will finally get the overdrive I always wanted since I located a proper D-Type unit. Now the fun part. A supercharger will grace the engine bay.

The MG YB is getting its first major work since we bought it. The fuel tank is out and being restored. It will also get a complete brake job, Jackall system rebuild and a full servicing. New suspension bushings are also on the to do list.

The MGB GT is getting a new axle because I discovered the one on it is bent! It’s hard to believe but true, I’m afriad. New tires, brake lines and suspension bushings will be installed at the same time.