I’m finally getting around to finishing a project on the site that I started long, long ago. Adding submitted photos to the various gallery pages has always been a real chore because I have to do everything manually from resizing the images to hand-coding the pages to display the images. This is why I’m always so far behind. Well, that has just changed…

Today I put a new section of the site online. It’s the new and greatly improved M.G. Nuts Image Gallery! This is not just an image gallery, it is a database of images that are searchable by category or keyword. Want to see historical photos of C-Type M.G.s? No problem, just enter C-Type into the search box!

The majority of the photo pages on the site are being moved into the new gallery – a task which will hopefully be completed very soon. For now, ignore missing content but please report any bugs (things that don’t work correctly) in the gallery by sending me an email. There are still hundreds of newly-submitted images to be added to the various sections of the gallery, so check back soon!

I’m also looking for knowledgeable individuals to write biographies for various M.G.-related persons, for use in the gallery. If you can help with this project, please send me a note!