Latest News: Yes it has been a long time since the site was updated, but things are still plugging along in the new garage.  More progress has been made and can be seen in the Garage Project pages.  And no big surprise here, another old machine will be arriving today.  It’s from the 1940’s and has only three wheels, two of them taller than an M.G.  it’s a 1946 John Deere Model AN, complete with the trailer it has been towing for who knows how long.  Another fun project!  Watch for a new page chronicling the process of getting this great old tractor running again.

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Our 1958 MGA Roadster in an Estee Lauder Commercial with model Grace Elizabeth.

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M.G.: Manufacturer of British sports cars from 1924 – 1980.
Nut: (noun) A crazy or eccentric person. An Enthusiast; a buff.