’64 – ’69 MGB Badge Comparison – Original versus Moss Reproduction

The overall look is quite good on the repro. The silver of the octagon and letters is a bit too thick but very close. The repro also has slightly more black around the edges. The backing is a different material but both seem to do the job well enough. The original badge seems to have a thicker layer applied.

Overall Comparison

Original Badge

Reproduction Badge

Top edge comparisons

The top edge is the biggest variance between the two. The repro badge has a much taller edge. The shape of the top edges are nearly identical.

Original badge (left) and repro (right) side by side.

Mounting – Original and Repro Grill Vanes

Original badge in original vane. A perfect fit.

Original badge mounted in repro vane. The badge does not fit well. The shape of the mounting hole is slightly different and does not allow the top edge to sit flush.

Repro badge in original vane. It fits in the mounting hole, but not precisely.


Reproduction badges will fit original grills fairly well. Original badges do not fit reproduction grills well at all, but this is a very unlikely scenerio anyway since most original badges have long since deteriorated, while many original grills still survive.

The repro badges are not perfect, but to complain about the quality would be very nitpicky. They are close enough to fool just about everyone.