Here are photos that truly are difficult to look at. These are fates we hope our cars will never face but sometimes it is inevitable. If you have photos to contribute which are related to MGs, please e-mail them to me so that others can learn from them.

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Vintage Wrecks

Mother Nature’s Wrath



Collision Damage

Random Collision Damage Photos
MGA Total Loss
1971 MGB Front End Collision
MGA Broadsided and flipped onto its tail
1972 MGB Wreck
This 1978 MGB spun 180-degrees, went off the road and into the end of a guard rail. The driver suffered some back injuries but recovered. Photos courtesy Rich Stinchcomb.
70’s MGB meets pole-like object
Joern M’s MGB after a serious collision.
1970 MGB Wrecked
MGB flipped while being towed on a trailer.


Racing Incidents



Where M.G.s go to be recycled



Car-BQ! (Bring your own marshmallows)


Pre-War Car-BQ

This 1938 MG VA Tickford DHC was a concourse-condition car before a fire destroyed it. The car can be seen in its former glory on the books pictured with it.


MGA Caught In A Garage Fire