Released in 1950, the TD was M.G.s answer for the need to modernize their popular TC model. The traditional “square rigger” styling that they were famous for was retained, but wide steel bolt-on wheels replaced the tall and narrow wire wheels of the previous models. The fenders were also wider and more fully enveloped the wheels. For the first time, a left hand drive sports car was now available which would help sales in export markets. The TD proved every bit as popular as the TC and sold very well in both Europe and North America.

By 1953, the TD was already falling behind the times in styling. In a last-ditch effort to extend the life of the series, the TF was born. Sweeping bodywork gave it a more graceful and modern look, with a slanted grill and headlamps mounted in the wings (fenders). Even this was not enough to save the T-cars, and in 1955 the line was dropped. Time had overtaken the T-Series M.G., the last of the vertical grill sports cars from Abingdon.