Alas, a sad day has come upon us. I was backing out of the garage one Autumn evening. The path was a bit more narrow than usual this day since we were having work done on the house and there was debris in the driveway. Unaware of my extreme proximity to the edge of the pavement I turned the wheels hard right, causing the front end of the car to swerve dangerously close to the home of three small tin bugs Linda had placed at the edge of the garden. What a sight it must have been for them as the massive car tire rolled slowly towards them, each tread gripping and tearing at the soft dirt they lay upon. Closer and closer it loomed until the unthinkable happened…

They were crushed.

Here are the three victims of this terrible incident…..

The bee was hit first and took the brunt
of the damage. I fear we cannot repair him.

The brave little frog appears to have tried to
hop out of the way only to have his plan ruined when
his back legs were ripped off.

The ladybug does not appear to be too badly hurt, but
she’s stuck pretty good in the dirt from the heavy tire
rolling over her body.

And now we come to the assailant…

This is the evil monster responsible for the destruction of our tin friends. There were no actual witnesses and no remnants of the bugs were found in or on it’s treads. However as this was the only object of it’s size and shape in the area all day we need no further evidence.

Donations are being taken to help the families of these three poor creatures. Perhaps if we raise enough money we can afford to buy a nice brazing torch to rebuild them.