Perry the Squirrel

“Perry” is our neighborhood’s tame squirrel. He became pretty well domesticated when a neighbor of ours started feeding him when he was young. He loves hanging around people and looking for handouts. Many times when I’ve been working on a car in the driveway, he has come strolling over (ever see a squirrel stroll? It’s pretty funny!) and climbed onto my shoe. He’s scared the bajezus out of me more than once!

The Dive Bombing Mockingbird

For several years this little guy claimed our yard and turned it into a personal battleground. He’s was a mockingbird who sat waiting for our cat, Wellington to come out for a stroll. Then, the terror of the skies would swoop down and dive bomb the poor cat, who was usually just minding his own business! Wellington became accustomed to it and usually just ignored the bird. That is, until it actually made contact! That’s when you would see a cat running for it’s life toward the neighbor’s yard.  Eventually he moved on and left Wellington in peace, but it was entertaining while it lasted!

Other visitors

Some of our other regulars include a dragonfly, a grasshopper, Brown Towhee, Black Phoebe, a cat food-loving skunk and a pesky raccoon that loves to eat fish from our pond. We don’t have photos of all these critters just yet, but will add them when we do!