As we all know these projects are never really finished but I can’t put off writing this page forever. In hindsight I should have made a few alterations but since I didn’t make any huge mistakes, I’m pretty happy with the results. The garage has been a dream to work in, considering how much stuff moves around in such a relatively small space. I resisted the urge to put air lines through the walls which may have been nice, but certainly not necessary. I definitely should have added more lighting once the second lift was installed. Since the insulation, drywall and paint were already complete, I didn’t want to tear things apart again. Again, a minor issue and other than that everything is just right.

So now enjoy a few photos of the setup, and try to find the air compressor…

Yep, even the old truck fits in there!


Couldn’t find the air compressor? Here’s the secret. When I ran out of floor space for equipment, I had the choice of finding more available space in the garage or moving it outside. Not wanting the noise outside or the wear and tear of the elements, I used the only dead space left in the garage – the upper wall beside the MGB. 75 pounds of plate steel and a welder came into play, and a heavily over-built bracket was made. Mounted to a 6″ x 12″ header and with an upper support mounted to the garage structure, this thing is going nowhere.

Once the far lift is raised, you don’t even see the compressor. As an added bonus it’s much less noisy up there, especially when standing outside with the door open.

The end… for now.