We had the extraordinary opportunity to welcome a group of travelers to our neck of the woods recently. Five Austin 7’s ranging from 1929 through 1938 were shipped from England to New Jersey while their owners flew to meet them. They then embarked on a 3-week cross-country journey along Route 66 to the Pacific Ocean! The final turn was onto the Santa Monica Pier where they celebrated, took photos and even witnessed a marriage proposal between one of the couples!

It was a pleasure and an honor to be able to caravan the final leg of this incredible journey in our MG TC with such a fine bunch of people driving such wonderful cars. The crews spent a week here in the Los Angeles area resting up and preparing for the journey home. During that time we made some great friends and went on a couple fun excursions with them.

There are still a few spots on our driveway where the Austins marked their territory during a barbeque we held as a farewell party. I sometimes point to them and exclaim “An Austin 7 was parked there!”

See their web site with daily journal entries, dozens of photos and lots of information at http://www.a7route66.typepad.com/.