We discovered the truck in the garage of a departed gentleman who was doing some engine work 30 years prior.  Unfortunately he gave up, closed the hood and left it that way until the day we dragged the carcass home.  The last thing I needed was a project but this is a specific year and model of truck we had wanted to own for a long time.  So, a deal was struck and we went to collect it.  The driveway to the garage that housed the truck was very steep (much steeper than the photos make it appear) so the only way to get it out safely was with a flatbed tow truck. The angle made it tricky to get it out since the truck had no brakes and rotted tires.  It all worked out well in the end and we brought it safely home for a thorough cleaning.

After a good cleaning it was far more presentable.  A cowboy hat now temporarily improved the interior, covering a large hole in the seat.  I figured the paint could be made much more presentable by polishing it with some power tools and cutting compound, so I set to work.  Suddenly I noticed green streaks in the black paint, and upon closer examination I realized it was underneath the black!  Now committed, I continued cutting through the black with the intention of removing all traces of a poorly applied top coat of paint.  I later found the true original color of the paint, light gray, but we decided to keep the green at least for now.