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GoF West 2009

June 22-26, 2009, Squaw Valley, California

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Day Six

The swap meet was early in the morning, and there was a line of people trying to be the first ones to dig through all the treasures.  We walked away with a lot of small items and one larger one which we sent home with a friend in their modern car.

Next up was the funkhana. This year’s event was a combination of team skill and automotive prowess.  At the starting line, the driver is blindfolded and then guided through a chicane by the navigator.  Once through, you make a hard left and then back up to a post.  The closer you get without impact, the better your score.  It was fun watching the different styles the various teams used to navigate the course.

Now take the blindfold off and drive to the dart board.  Darts isn’t quite as easy as it looks based on most of the participant’s attempts!  Once all darts have been thrown, drive to the next station where there are two tasks.  The first is to adjust the points in a distributor as quickly as possible.  The second task I simply can’t remember!

The final task is a choice of two jobs, both timed.  You can engage the crank starter or place a jack under a suitable lifting point.  Most people chose the crank, the decision probably having something to do with the group’s average age and the position necessary to place a jack under a TC!

After our run, Linda took a young friend as a navigator and did the course again.  She was blindfolded and driving a car she had only driven once before!  No one was killed, and they did pretty well overall.  Her navigator did the points adjustment and chose to place a jack rather than try his hand at the crank handle.

This year there was also a car-less funkhana which was long but fun.  There were many word quizzes and puzzles to solve, and the final challenge was to drive a remote controlled car through a figure eight course.  Most people had a lot of trouble with the car, as it was very fast and hard to handle… exactly the opposite from a TC!  The kids in the group did quite well and I was lucky enough to be among them, setting a new record.  I suppose growing up with a pong machine in the house finally paid off!

With the rest of the afternoon free and our big adventure a day behind us, we decided to take a ride to the top of the ski lift for lunch and a hike.  It was a beautiful day, perfect for such a venture into the mountains.

The evening ended, as always, with the awards banquet.  We used up most of our luck the previous year, but still managed an honorable mention in the car display.  Steve won first place in the car-less funkhana, in no small part due to his remote control driving skills, and was given an award of merit as thanks for volunteering for event photography which was an unnecessary but appreciated award.

Linda was the one with the extra luck that night when she won the 50/50 drawing, which consisted of the princely sum of $124 in cash.

Day Seven

The Winner’s Circle wasn’t quite a circle, with the cars spread out along one of the resort’s picturesque corridors.  After many goodbyes we finished packing the TC and joined up with a small portion of our previous caravan, heading east into Nevada.  Nope, we weren’t quite ready to go home yet.

Our first stop was in Carson City for the night.  Everyone got settled in before the seemingly mandatory happy hour at the hotel, and then we drove to a nearby restaurant for dinner.  There was no shortage of interesting things to look at inside, including a vintage steam tractor!

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