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GoF West 2009

June 22-26, 2009, Squaw Valley, California

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Day Three

North again, through numerous historic towns along the base of the mountains to highway 50 where we turned east out of gold country and into the Sierras. Even on a major highway this is a spectacular drive, one to rival any in the country. Crossing over the 7,400-foot summit, we were greeted with grand views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas. All good things must end, and eventually trouble struck the caravan again. Twenty minutes behind us, another TF pulled to the side of the road with some very alarming noises coming from the engine bay. The alarm was called for in this case, as he had suffered a broken crank shaft! Up the road, our group had been waiting at a rest stop east of the summit for some time before we got the news by telephone. We continued on, knowing that the group behind us had everything under control. The TF was towed to a well-known M.G. restoration shop in Northern California for repairs.

Once out of the mountains, we stopped for lunch in a small town just before reaching Lake Tahoe. Then, a spectacular drive around the lake and up into the mountains to our final destination of Squaw Valley.

Registration and the first timer’s display were the first official activities. There seemed to be more modern M.G.s than normal, and the TC / TD crowd was out in force as usual. That evening, the orientation speech was interrupted by everyone laughing as a tow truck with an MGB on it came driving by the meeting hall door.

Day Four

The car display is always great, and this time it was in a unique setting.  The hotel venue includes its own small town of twisting corridors lined with shops and restaurants.  The cars were parked along these passageways, so everywhere you turn was more and more beautiful machines on display.  The public as well as the shop owners loved this as much as the GoF West participants.  There were well over one hundred great cars throughout the town.  You could sit and eat lunch, or just sip a beverage while looking at cars and talking to passers-by.

Pre-War Cars



Variant Class

Modern Class

After the car show were various tech sessions that were well attended.  Then it was a free evening for everyone which we spent at the cabin of a fellow club member down by Lake Tahoe, who invited several of us over for a barbecue.  Beautiful cars, delicious food and great company.  Now that’s time well spent!

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