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GoF West 2008

July 6-10, 2008, Monterey, California

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Day Two

Our second day was much easier than the first.  The group split in half, faster drivers in one and slower drivers in the other.  There were no problems starting out along the coast toward Monterey although we did run into some difficulty later due to the aforementioned wildfires.  Already aware that Route 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) was closed through Big Sur, we took the only route around the area.  A brief fuel / rest stop found the two groups back together for a time.

The day was going so well that something was bound to happen, and it did.  Upon reaching the road that was supposed to take us into Carmel we found ourselves faced with route closure signs and huge billows of smoke over the mountains.  A break was called for as the men poured over maps to find another way through that wouldn’t add too many miles of backtracking.

During our break, a local family pulled over to look at the odd group of old cars in the middle of nowhere in farm country.  A 1938 MG SA Saloon was the highlight for them and they gladly took the owner up on an offer to sit in the car.  Shortly after, we had our route planned and set off once again.  We would come into Monterey from the north and therefore avoid the fires along with their ash and smoke.  It got a bit chilly and windy coming into town but we didn’t mind.  We were just happy to have made it at all!

Finally we had arrived at GoF West!  After checking into the hotel, we joined the meet and greet located just above the first-timer’s car display.  As always there were some great cars whose owners were making their first appearance at GoF West, but the most interesting was the MG TC of Bob and Lynn Douglas, who had shipped their car from New Zealand to Santiago, Chile, then drove down to Patagonia, back up through South and Central America, into the United States and were now here at GoF West in Monterey!  It’s no small wonder that the car drew lots of attention and the owners were constantly surrounded by curious enthusiasts.

Orientation was a regular comedy hour as always.  Afterward we visited with friends we hadn’t seen since the last GoF West, and then we retired for some much needed sleep.

Day Three

The car show was business as usual – well over one hundred beautiful cars in a great setting.  There were several unusual cars including a TF pickup, the wood-bodied boattail TD, the Von Neuman TD racer, and several pre-war cars including an NA special racer, 4-seater NA, M-Type and more.  A humorous moment came when a police officer who was a relative of a participant, drove onto the field and “arrested” Al Moss.  You can say one thing about vintage M.G. owners – they are a fun-loving bunch!  After the car show was the auction dinner where many a good deal and a few bad ones were made.

Car Show Photos – Pre-war and TC classes

Car Show Photos – TD and TF classes

Car Show Photos – Premiere, Variant and Modern classes

Auction Dinner

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