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GoF West 2007

July 2-6, 2007, Park City, Utah

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Day Four

Some of the group finally got their helicopter tour, but it was of Bryce Canyon rather than Grand Canyon. Once they returned safely, we drove north on back roads to Koosharem where we stopped for lunch. Being Sunday morning in Mormon country, there was no food to be found. So the women went antique shopping while the men showed their cars to the local youth. The owner of the antique store was kind enough to share some of her sprinkler water with some hot travelers.

The road took us north to Salina where we would stay for the night. Pulling into town we were a bit concerned that this would not be our favorite overnight stay. It was all industrial and surrounded by clay manufacturing plants. We found it was actually a pretty nice place for a night’s stay. The local café, “Mom’s Café”, was a treat and has been featured in many publications including National Geographic and Sunset Magazine. The motel had a nice grassy area where we sat and talked as the weather cooled down. I performed some much needed maintenance, mainly tightening all the fasteners which had started to loosen from the horrible, rough roads around Lake Mead two days prior. In the evening, the women took a walk while the men rested their rear ends, tired from a long day of driving M.G.s. A beautiful sunset topped it all off.

Day Five

Our last day of travel took us north through Manti, where we saw a huge and impressive temple located on the hill above a rather small, unassuming town. We stopped for breakfast in Fairview before continuing on through several quaint small towns, all getting ready for their Independence Day celebrations. Near Sundance, we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls for photos and rest. The falls got their name the same way every other waterfall has – some distraught maiden flung herself off a nearby cliff and got the falls named for her.

The rest of the drive took us uphill to park City where we all arrived safely. We had traveled 954 miles in total, including side trips. I was impressed by how well the cars handled the terrain and incredibly hot weather through the desert. They certainly weren’t designed for it but other than the lack of a roof and air conditioning, you would never know.

Our evening was spent at the first-timer’s car display, registration, and event orientation. Then I remembered I still had to wash the car for the next morning’s show, so off I went again down the hill.

Day Six

The car show was great as usual with vintage M.G.s of every type from all over the country. My favorites are always the pre-war models. The weather was perfect and I had to drag myself away for the tech sessions. Later in the day we took a drive into Park City for lunch. We found it to be a great little town with lots of charm. That night we enjoyed a really good fireworks display from a friend’s hotel room balcony.

Fireworks Show

(complete with sound effects!)

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