Driving on a very windy day I found myself in a strong headwind. Suddenly, the right-hand front corner of the sunroof blew up and detached from the car! In a panic reaction I grabbed the latch handle and pulled it down. I got it back in it’s tracks, re-latched it and went on my way. Two minutes later the same thing happened! I decided I had better try to figure out how to fix this before continuing on. In short time I found the adjustable slide so I went to the trunk to get a screwdriver. There wasn’t one. Not very bright leaving home in a 50-year-old car with no screwdriver. After exhausting all other options for getting the slide adjusted, I rummaged through the glove box and to my delight the previous owner had left a nice long-handled screwdriver of the proper size in it! I adjusted the sunroof and went on my way with a good lesson learned.