Driving home one afternoon all was well in the world. My new YB was running fine as usual, the sun was out and the animals were singing. I made a left turn expecting nothing to happen except the car steering to the left, but suddenly… the driver’s door unlatched, the wind caught it and the door flew wide open! With speed I never knew humans capable of, I grabbed onto the door and prevented it from tearing the hinges off the car. I now found myself in a terrifying position. I was still turning left at speed while leaning out of the car and trying to pull the door closed. The force of the turn was threatening to throw me from the car but if I straightened the car out I would drive right off the road into a brick wall! I made the turn with a grimace of effort on my face and pulled to the side of the road.

The latch had snapped in two. There was no way to keep the door closed at this point so I drove home with my right hand on the door handle and my left alternating between the gear shift and the steering wheel. What a funny sight it must have been to the casual observer while I made that turn! Jerry at British Auto Electric gave me an old latch which had a usable donor part on it and I mated the two together to fix the car (Thanks Jerry!). At least now I know why they call them suicide doors!