One day I decided to drive the YB to work and not unexpectedly found myself with a dead battery. No problem, I have this crank thing down now! Started the car without incident and off I went. As lunchtime rolled around a workmate expressed interest about a ride in the car. We decided to drive it to a local sandwich shop. I told him it may not start without cranking, and his reaction was one of delight! He had never seen a car started with a crank before and I was more than happy to put on a show.

The car started up and we drove to lunch. Once there we found ourselves parked directly in front of a mid-80’s Jaguar sedan. There were three teenage girls in the car and an older gentleman who appeared to be the father standing outside on a cell phone. The girls all watched us park with big smiles and interest. I heard the man speaking into the phone about directions for the tow truck, and about his dead battery.

It was then we devised our plan. Returning to the car we would offer him our crank! We may even take it a bit further and try to start the car first, then scratch our heads and, over-acting the entire time, announce to ourselves the great idea of using a crank starter.

Our lunch was purchased and upon our return to the car we found them just as we had left… car dead, three girls inside and a now very irate man on the cell phone giving very specific directions! At this point I decided it would be unwise to joke with this guy in the fear he may not be amused. So instead I got the crank out and with the foursome watching, started the car as if it was completely normal. They all watched intensely and the girls jaws dropped as the car sputtered to life. I gave a smile as I put the crank away and got into the car. They girls in the Jag were quite amused by the show. The man? Not so much. At least we got a good laugh out of the experience.