On another occasion I found myself with, once again, a dead battery. I really wanted to drive the car despite this problem threatening to make me late for work. Common sense was telling me to hop in my modern, reliable (read: boring) car and just go to work. Nope, I would have none of that!

Out came the engine crank along with a big grin as I began the cranking process. I figured I had it down at this point. It was a bit tough to get started but it did start. Now, most people tend to learn their lessons and remember them. Me? Not so much. You may have just read the previous story about crank starting the car. Remember how the car died when I let it idle too long? Guess what happened next?

Out came the crank handle again, and this time I was determined to start the car a second time. Never mind that the battery was completely dead and the generator would never supply enough power to start the engine under human power. It was going to start. So I cranked and cranked and then cranked some more.

It didn’t start.

Sweating and cursing I finally realized I could have been half way to work by now so I gave it up. I was disappointed but also satisfied that I gave it my all. As I leaned down to released the crank from its access hole I noticed some fluid on the ground. Son of a $&#*%. I didn’t realize there was a support bracket missing from the front bumper designed to prevent the crank handle from rubbing on the radiator as it passed below and into the engine. As I was pulling up on the crank with all my might, it was lifting up on the radiator with as much force. The radiator was now cracked.

I’ve always said the lessons best learned are the hard ones. This day I learned two!