While on our way home from a British car show, we stumbled across this 1925 Model T Roadster pickup for sale in a driveway. We had no plans to buy another car, but a few days later it was in our driveway! We had a lot of fun learning to drive it – throttle on the steering column, shifter on the floor. Right away it went to work hauling supplies home from the lumber yard and happily continues its work to this day. That’s what they were made for, after all! It may not be an M.G., but we still consider it British. How so, you may ask? Simple… This Model T was built in the Canadian factory for their home market. In 1925, Canada was still a British Dominion, so in buying this Ford we haven’t COMPLETELY defected to the colonies! Our loyalties are still with British Iron, even if the Iron is technically American.

2020 Update: Sadly, the Model T has been sold and is off to a new enthusiastic owner.

The Discovery

A few photos of how we found the truck, and safely home with a bit of work done.

Various Photos

Various photos of how we’ve enjoyed the Model T over the years.

Film and Television