One of the most unique vehicles we have owned is this rare car. MG Y-Types were made from 1947 through 1953 after a ten year delay caused by World War II. The last of the pre-war style cars for MG, they marked the passing of an era. Only 243 Y-Types are known to exist today, and of those only 61 are the later ‘YB’ models. This particular car was the fourth from last car built. When we purchased it, YB1547 was the youngest known surviving pre-war style MG Saloon car in the world.  Since then, the last YB made (YB1550) was uncovered and restored so now this one is second.  However that made it no less special in our eyes!

See below for a more detailed history of this car.

Photos from delivery day

It’s always nerve-wracking to wait for a car you haven’t seen in person to arrive and unload.  We were thrilled that this one was exactly as described.  The transport driver loved the car, and called it “the cat’s meow”.  A quick jump start was all that was needed to unload and drive it into our driveway.

Hidden Valley, California

A real gem of a drive is the road through Hidden Valley.  At certain times of year it is almost impossible to drive this road without stopping for photos.  We travel this route regularly, and the photos below were from such a day.  Countless car commercials have been filmed here as well, for its scenic value.

Historic Images

Various photos and documents of YB 1547 that have been uncovered since our ownership.  We are always on the lookout for more, so if you come across anything not seen here, please let us know!

“The Greatest Wife in the World”

When we got the YB, I didn’t realize it had a substantial oil drip from the bell housing.  After its first lengthy drive, I backed the car into the driveway right over a pre-placed oil pan, thinking that was good enough.  What I really needed was a diaper for the thing.  I thought it might be funny to take a picture of the oil trail but before I returned with my camera, my wife was already earning her title of “Greatest Wife in the World”.  She was out there hand-scrubbing each oil stain from the driveway!

Miscellaneous photos

A Brief History of YB 1547

When we bought this car in mid-2003 it had only 76,000 original miles on the clock. The car was unrestored, still retaining it’s factory paint, interior and engine. In fact, there was nearly nothing on the car that wasn’t completely original! The green paint on the side was not an official M.G. offering, and after a bit of research it was determined that this was added at, or shortly after the time of purchase.

Manufactured on July 23, 1953, this MG YB was first sold in England. Much of it’s early history is unknown but it is believed to have had only one owner before 1979. Sometime during that year a gentleman from Canada passed through England on his way to the Middle-East while on vacation. He spotted the car for sale and having owned an M.G. years before he decided to buy it on the spot.

He toured England in the car for two weeks before shipping it back to Canada. There the YB was placed in storage where it sat unused for over twenty years. His collection was passed on to his son who now had more cars than he could handle, so this one was sold to a pair of lucky buyers… us!

While we owned this car, we preserved it as an original survivor, but also made it a point to drive on a regular basis as it was meant to be. There are only a handful of Y-Types in the USA and even fewer of the YB model. As you can imagine they really turn a lot of heads! For those of you who are not familiar with these cars, here is a list of features you may or may not expect to find on a car of this type…

  • Crank-open windshield
  • Suicide doors (front only)
  • Sliding sunroof
  • Remote rear window shade (string and pulley system)
  • Interior dome light
  • Jackall system (the car jacks itself off the ground!)
  • Trafficators (lighted turn signal arms that pop out from the side of the car)
  • Adjustable steering column


Eventually a lack of space forced the sale of the YB, so we very reluctantly let it go to a new owner who pledged to continue the preservation of this very original car.