"Cedric" was once owned by a UK diplomat who brought the car with him to the US in the 1970’s. After driving the car for only a few more years, he dropped it off at a crusher in Alabama, deciding it was too rusty and broken down to keep any longer. The owner of the yard had never seen a right hand drive MGB before, so he called a local MG enthusiast, Bob Mason, to see if he wanted it. Bob bought the car in 1979 and began a three-year restoration.

Pre-restoration photos

During the restoration, over 80 pieces of metal had to be replaced on the unibody and panels. Most of these pieces were not available for purchase, so they had to be made from scratch. The color was changed from Primrose to Grampain Grey.

Photos during restoration

In 1982 the restoration was completed. During the first few miles of driving, Bob noticed that the tires were sometimes rubbing the fender lips during cornering. It was soon discovered that the the previous owner had installed wire wheels and axles into a steel wheel axle housing. Since the steel wheel housing is two inches longer than the wire wheel housing, the cause for the tire rubbing was obvious. The correct axles were installed and the proper (and rare) wheels were eventually located, returning Cedric to his original factory state.

Photos after restoration

During the next few years, Cedric won many awards including “Best of Show” in multiple car events against some significant competition. Bob took loving care of the car for over twenty years before selling his collection due to health problems. Sadly, soon after he sold the last of his cars Bob passed away.

Photos of the completed car as we received it.

Bob and Cedric.