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Cedric’s Technical Specifications

Unit Construction body, welded steel construction, front suspension on subframe.
Wheelbase: 7ft 7in
Track Front: 4ft 1.00in
Rear: 4 ft 1.25in

Cam Gears rack & pinion system.
Turning circle: 32ft
Castor angle: 7 degrees
Camber angle: 1 degree
Kingpin angle: 8 degrees
Toe in: 0.1875in
Grade of oil: SAE 90

Disc front, drum rear.
Disk size front: 10.75in
Drum size rear: 10in
Method of operation: Hydraulic. Cable operated parking brake.

Steel disc bolt-on
Rim size: 14, 5J
Tyres: Bridgestone Turanza LS-H, 195/60R14
Tyre pressure: 30psi front, 30 psi rear

4 cylinder in line, pushrod ohv
Bore: 80.26mm
Stroke: 88.90mm
Cubic capacity: 1824cc
Power output: Estimated 149hp / 149 lbs/ft
Oil pressure: Approx. 70psi. Idle at 25psi
Grade of oil: Valvoline VR-1 20W/50
Sump Capacity: 7.5 pints

Ignition Timing
//-Degrees BTDC
Distributor points gap: 0.015in
Sparking plugs: //
Gap: //

Fuel Delivery
Type: Eaton M45 Blower mated to single HIF44 SU Carburetor

Borg & Beck Single dry plate
Material: Ferodo
Number of springs: Single Diaphragm

Four speed manual, syncro on 2,3,4
Electrical overdrive (D-Type Laycock)

Gear Ratios
Overdrive: 0.820
Top: 1.000
Third o/d: 1.133
Third: 1.382
Second: 2.2167
First: 3.333
Reverse: 3.095

Grade of oil: SAE 30
Capacity: 7.7 pints including 3 pints for o/d

Propeller Shaft
Open shaft, needle roller u/j at each end.

Final Drive
Live axle, hypoid bevel gears.
Ratio: Manual 3.909:1
MPH/1000rpm: Manual top: 17.9, o/d: 22.1
Grade of oil: Royal Purple 90W/120
Capacity: 1.5 pints

Cooling System
Pressurized, thermostatic control, pump assisted. Capacity: 12 pints.

Fuel Tank Capacity
Approx. 12 gallons.

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 7ft 7in
Track – front 4ft 1in
Track – rear 4ft 1.25in
Overall length – 12ft 9.2in
Overall width – 4ft 11.9in
Overall height – 4ft 1.4in
Ground clearance – 4.5in
Turning circle – 32ft
Kerb weight – 18.5cwt

Max. Speed – Unknown
Acceleration – 0-60mph Unknown
Fuel consumption – 24 MPG Highway