Known history of this MGA:

Owned in 1964 by Clarence Jennings of Dallas, Texas.  The license at this time was RA657.  Date of purchase unknown.

On February 28, 1964 the car was transferred to his son, Jerry Jennings (also from Dallas, TX).  The car apparently belonged to Jerry already but was kept in Clarence’s name because Jerry was a minor.

On December 30, 1965, the car was sold or transferred to H. D. Jennings of Huntsville, Alabama who was presumably another relative. The new license plate number was 70712.

September 26, 1966: The car was sold to Robert N. Rogers, Jr. of Tallapoosa, Georgia for $450.  He owned the car until at least 1971, as evidenced by the records we’ve uncovered.

A repair bill dated January 8, 1974 was found naming F. R. Paul of Powder Springs, Georgia.

A receipt from July 1, 1990 mentions Jerry D Morris of Hiram, GA.

The next known owner was Jere Rosser of Marietta, Georgia (and later Woodstock, Georgia).  The earliest records for Mr. Rosser are dated December 20, 1992.  He completely restored the car from 1997-1999.

On June 2, 2002 the car was sold to John Rose of Atlanta, Georgia.

In early 2003, we bought the car from Mr. Rose and transported it to California where it has remained in our care until today.  Further work done to the car includes a wire wheel conversion, paint and body work and other smaller mechanical and cosmetic improvements.


Restoration Photos


Photos of delivery day