The gnomes have moved! The back yard gnomes have relocated to what appears to be a defensive perimeter. They have also added reinforcements to the line. I don’t know what to make of these events but I will be watching them very carefully.

The gnomes have abandoned their positions and placed a fence of some sort around the location. Is this to keep us out or to keep something else in?

Here you can see the new positions of the two original backyard gnomes. They have a clear line of sight in all directions now, including the only escape from the rear of the house!

Whatever that strange fungus is that the male keep planting, it’s getting bigger. Here is a huge specimen I found nearby.

This new arrival appears to be a worker. Is he building something? Where is he going with that wheelbarrow? To plant those fungus things most likely!

Here is another new one. He appears very calm and confident. Could the gnomes’ plan be so good that they don’t fear anything?

This diagram shows the recent movements of the gnomes and fungus sightings.

This image terrifies me. Look how they are all lined up and in a position to strike. The fungus seems to be concentrated in front of them. Could it be some form of biological defensive weapon? Or an early attack warning system? I don’t think I will approach the mushrooms anymore.

This photo clearly shows the defensive useage of the fungi.

The gnomes in the front yard have not moved, and are in a perfect position to ambush anyone using the main walkway to enter or leave the house.

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