It started out harmlessly enough. Linda bought a gnome for her garden and placed it in the front yard. He sat quiet and content for some time. I thought that meant things were good in the garden. But darkness loomed on the horizon.

Soon after, a second gnome appeared. He moved in near the first one but he was more rude. He immediately took to fishing in our pond without permission. I haven’t actually seen him catch anything but I have strong suspicions he may have framed a local raccoon for his fish theft.

More recently, a pair of gnomes appeared mysteriously in the back yard. I fear they may be trying to surround us. If we need to escape, we will surely be cut off!

The backyard gnomes are spreading some form of fungus. The male carries fresh specimens around and plants them in the ground. I don’t know what they are exactly as I’ve never seen a white-dotted red mushroom before. So far I’ve found three of them growing in the yard.

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