After preparing to have no garage for several months, we commenced with some serious garage carnage. All told we knocked down and hauled away about 58,000 pounds of material. Most of this was moved by hand, and there were never more than four people working. I shutter to think of how many calories were burned during this process.


You’re looking at one third of a very large tree. Shortly before work began, this massive 50-foot-long section of the tree broke and fell into our yard, crushing three fences. Maybe the tree knew it was doomed, or perhaps this was a warning to stay away or it would kill anyone who came near it with a chainsaw. Regardless of whatever that tree was thinking, this reinforced our decision to have it removed. I just wish it had fallen the other way and crushed the garage. That would have saved us a lot of work!


We immediately reach the point of no return as the first hole appears in the roof. The remaining two thirds of the killer tree looms in the background.


The hole gets larger and the mess begins.


Then we cut through the walls and headers, and…




Then the other side starts coming apart…


And it comes down as well.


Next, the walls…


And then the rest.


The tree was the last thing to be removed. It was sad seeing it go, but it had to be done.


Finally, the foundation footings were broken up and removed. After one week of work, we now have a clean slate to start building on.