You know what they say, you can never have enough space.  And they also say that the more space you have, the more stuff you will find to fill it with.  Such was the case with our old garage.  What started out as a way to get our three classics indoors turned into a nightmare of five cars stuffed into a small space, blocked by three more cars in the driveway and little to no work space.  Getting a car off of a lift to go for a drive was a 30-minute adventure, to be repeated upon return.  So when an opportunity arose to move to a larger property with enough room to build a large garage and workspace, we jumped on it.

The plan was to get all eight of our cars indoors with room to move around and work on projects comfortably.  But not too much space, because we don’t need any excuses to buy more “stuff”.  The property we bought was perfect because it had a nice house with a crappy garage that needed to be at least partially torn down just to make it structurally sound.  With myself as the architect and a friend as the contractor, we got to work building the new and hopefully improved M.G. Nuts garage…



“Before” photos showing the existing garage.



Part One – Demolition

Breaking stuff and hauling away the parts.



 Part Two – Foundation

Digging, grading, pouring and other fun stuff.



 Part Three – Framing

Cut, nail (or screw), repeat.



 Part Four – Exterior

Installing siding and trim, plus paint and roofing.



Part Five – Doors and Storage Lifts

Installing the main exterior doors and car storage lifts



Part Six – Floor Finishing and Lighting

Applying floor coatings and lighting.



Part Seven – The Fun Stuff!

Moving all the “stuff” back into the garage.



Part Eight – Landscaping

Making the outside look better than the inside.



Part Nine – Interior Finishing and Decoration

Putting stuff on the walls and ceiling.



Part Ten – Finished!

As if anything is every really finished.