The garage door is finally being installed. It feels good to have a door again after 8 months of essentially having a big hole in the house. The interior is now able to be cleaned out and kept clean.


The alarm system is installed and tested. Surprisingly it actually works despite the super secret intruder detection system I designed myself. Lord help anyone who tries to break into this garage and get away with it! The garage door is also now completed except for handles. Exterior lighting is functioning. I think the outside is done!


Here is a shot of the door from inside, just after installation. Notice how the tracks follow the roof line to make room for the lifts! Careful measurements were taken to ensure that there would be clearance for the tallest vehicle that could be put on a lift.


Bonus super action shot of the door opening! Notice the opener mounted tight and out of the way. One measurement that was not made correctly was the recessed lighting on this side of the ceiling. Originally the door was not supposed to be so tall, but it was necessary to add a dummy panel in order to make the high lift kit work properly. The lighting is now partially shadowed at the front of the garage. Rats!


The photo that would normally go next would be of the floor being prepped for coating.  Unfortunately this photo doesn’t exist because the idiots didn’t prep the floor. Remember the paint oversprayed, plaster-splattered, runoff-stained concrete floor? Well that’s what the floor guys painted right over. I guess they felt that a leaf blower was a good enough prep. A one-month argument ensued during which time the flooring company threatened to sue me for refusing to pay until the job was done right. They couldn’t seem to understand why I was upset about hair stuck in the paint, bubbles and pits everywhere, sand in the paint when I requested smooth, and primer showing in places where they missed with the paint. Finally after the third try they got it done, although not entirely to my satisfaction. The lesson learned was that the warranty they offered wasn’t worth the hassle or cost. I should have done the job myself from the beginning.


Here the floor coating is finally done. Gotta love that shine! The cars are waiting patiently outside while the paint dries. This took about a week. Fortunately the weather was relatively warm and dry so the floor cured quickly and the cars stayed dry.