Weatherproofing paper is up and we’re ready for siding. Finally the neighbors can see some progress!


The siding and trim are installed and ready for paint. We agonized about the spacing of the vertical trim pieces.  To me, it looked like a clown house due to the added height, but the spacing matched the rest of the trim on the property. We decided to take a chance that it would look right once painted, and to our relief it did.  Getting to this point felt really good after such a long project.


A closeup of the attention to detail displayed by the workers.  While we were pleased in this regard, it was soon discovered that they used rough cut wood instead of smooth.  The painter was already done with the first coat when we noticed it and he was not happy about having to sand the entire exterior of the structure to make the wood smooth.  The paperwork said smooth, so he couldn’t really complain to us about it.


After a day of sanding, the exterior painting is finally nearing completion.


The roofing is installed, exterior lighting done and door opening finished. The outside is done!  Another car moves in, making it a snug trio.  Without the lifts installed there is plenty of room to do this.  I didn’t think there would be any way to get three cars in there with the lift posts installed, so I enjoyed this while I could.


A bonus shot of three happy cars in a nearly finished garage. Good thing we don’t collect Cadillacs!