Now for the “real” demolition!

Let the carnage begin!  The roof becomes the first victim of pry bars and sledge hammers.


New skylights in the garage and all it takes is a big crowbar!  It’s such nice weather outside anyway, so why bother with a roof?


A few hours after the “skylights” were installed, a huge rainstorm moved in.  Rats!  The workers failed to cover the hole with plastic so we were now the proud owners of an indoor swimming pool which stained our brand new floor.


A week later, the rain has stopped.  The demolition starts again as the roof comes down.  Much to my delight, the door is removed from its hinges.  I hated that thing.


This was a bit of a shock at first, but a welcome sight. That big beam was there because, by design, the old roof couldn’t support its own weight.  This was finally beginning to feel like progress.


The Home Depot truck arrives with our lumber. As an added bonus, the forklift operator takes out a big chunk of our Jacaranda tree. I had to sever a limb.


The roof and its supporting structure is completely gone. The original plan was to build on the existing walls, but at this point it was decided to tear them down since there was practically nothing left.  We would start from scratch.


With the walls down, all that was left was to knock out the remaining brick along the front.  Victory was ours!