Our old garage just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Although the house was built well, the garage appeared to have been built with the leftover scraps of wood. The roof was sagging under the weight of too many tiles, the concrete was cracked and the door was about to fall off.

Added to our problem was the growing collection of classic cars. They were spilling out onto the driveway and we really didn’t like the look of it. More storage was needed. Unfortunately the city would not let us add floorspace in any direction, nor did we have the space to add a third garage bay anyway. A plan was formed which would solve the problem.

Prelude -“Before” photos

Part One – The Floor

Part Two – Demolition

Part Three – Framing

Part Four – Interior Finishing

Part Five – Exterior Trim, Paint and Roofing

Part Six – Garage Door and Floor Finishing

Part Seven – The Fun Stuff!

Part Eight – Cabinets and Decoration

Part Nine – Car Lifts

Part Ten – Finished!