I’ve had many conversations over the years with people who have both owned and not owned MG automobiles. Strangely, the most amusing ones are with individuals who used to own some sort of MG. At least the non-owners will admit they know nothing about the cars! I will add conversations as I remember more, or as they continue to happen. Here are a few funny ones…

Pulling up quickly and leaning out of the window: “I just have one question… does it have disc brakes?”

“Yes, in the front.”

With a serious look and very confident tone: “Oh, it’s a sixty-nine then.”

“Actually it’s a sixty-five.”

In an annoyed tone: “Oh.” (pauses) “Really.”
(speeds off mad)

Note: All MGBs had front disc brakes.

“What year?”


“Oh, I had a sixty-five and a half with the rubber bumpers!”

Note: He may have meant 74 1/2 which is about when they started using rubber bumpers.

“Nice car!”


“I used to drive an MG but I had a B.”

(I was driving a B at the time)

“What year is your MGA?”


“Ah. My girlfriend has a fifty-two!”

Note: MGAs didn’t start production until 1955.

After exiting the freeway in my B with, shall we say, “spirited acceleration”, I pulled up to a stop light. A gentleman in a PT Cruiser pulled along side, and when the light turned green I accelerated again in the same manner and the PT did as well. Reaching a comfortable cruising speed he pulled along side…

“Is that a Tiger?”

“No, it’s an MG.”

(With an incredulous look and a “pfffff” sound)
“Whaddya got in that thing, a 289?”

“No, it’s stock.”

(chuckling, and giving a “yeah right” look)
“Yeah, right.”

“No really. It’s stock. It’s a 1.8.”

(with a disapproving look)
“Come on, you think you’re talking to your mother?”

“I swear! It’s a stock 1.8.”

(an “I almost believe you but don’t want to” look)

“Yes! It has an aftermarket exhaust, otherwise it’s stock.”

(A humbled but still uncertain look)
“Well it certainly sounds different.”

“It’s a Peco 2-inch exhaust, that’s probably why.”

(A look of slight admiration)
“Well it sounds good. Looks really great, too!”
(AOK hand sign and big smile)


(He speeds away)

Driving through a parking lot one night in the MGA, we passed a group of people. One was heard to say, “Wow! I didn’t know Porsche ever made one like that!”

Filling up at a gas station a man asked, “Going to the Scottish Games?”


“Going to the Scottish Games?”

(confused pause)… “No, we’re just out for a drive.”

“The Scottish Games is where you see all the GMs!”

“Oh, really? Huh.”

He then smiled and went on his way.

Pulling up to a red light in the MGB GT with road work next to me, a large, filthy man with teeth missing spoke…

“Hey, nice car!”


“Must be weird driving on the wrong side like that!”

“Hey, I’m on the right side, everyone else is wrong!”

“We’ll just call you James Bond, ok?”

“Sure, but he had nicer cars though.”

That’s a nice car. It looks great!”


“What’s that car worth, 50 thousand?”

“Nah, ten or fifteen, at the most.”

“Psshhh! Yeah right!”

“No, really, they aren’t that expensive!”

“Yeah right! What do you think I am?”

At that point the light was green and I pulled away.